COVID-19 information

MCCC GP Training takes the spread of COVID-19 seriously and has been sourcing daily updates from recognised health authorities.

Our organisation is committed to communicating to all registrars, supervisors, practices and staff to support their health, safety and welfare; providing them with current information and keeping them up-to-date with the services we are providing as a Regional Training Organisation.

We have been providing regular updates to all our registrars, supervisors and practice managers and we ask them to regularly check their emails for these updates which detail all education and training activities, policies and procedures currently impacted by COVID-19. This information can also be found on MeL or by clicking the information tile (right).

We will be working with the colleges to ensure registrars will be disadvantaged as little as possible in regards to training time and exam eligibility as a result of COVID-19. The colleges have both issued training information sheets; see advice from the RACGP or FAQs from ACRRM. 

Please see below for important updates and resources:

IMPORTANT: If you are a registrar, supervisor or employee of MCCC GP Training and you are concerned that you may have COVID-19, please seek medical advice and contact MCCC.

Note: This information is specifically for MCCC registrars, supervisors and practice managers.

If you have difficulty accessing this information, please email

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