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MCCC offices

Metro west office
North east office
North west office
South west offices
MCCC GP Training Finance team
Metro west office

Level 2, 369 Royal Parade
Parkville VIC 3052

North east office

Level 4, 111-113 Hume Street
Wodonga VIC 3689

North west office

Level 1, 10-16 Forest Street
Bendigo VIC 3550

South west offices

Warrnambool office

49 Kepler Street
Warrnambool VIC 3280

Geelong office

91A McKillop St
Geelong VIC 3220

MCCC GP Training Finance team

PO Box 165
Wodonga VIC 3690

1300 MCCC GP (1300 6222 47)

MCCC support

Please click here for information on our support, who to contact and for what, including details of support staff in each region and more information on the following contacts:

  • Operations staff, REAPS, EPSOs, TSOs, finance, general enquiries
  • SLO team
  • RLO team
  • RME team
  • Online support for MeL, SWAN and website
  • PEP
  • PALS
  • Rural program including rural generalist
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health.

Stories and more

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Your mental health

Looking after your mental health is important. If you or anyone you know needs help, please contact one of the organisations listed below for both our registrars and our community members.

MCCC registrars may contact our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider D’Accord for counselling/support during tough times. Phone D’Accord directly on 1300 130 130 and see the EAP flyer for further information.

Support is also available in our Registrar Wellbeing Policy, our self care and mental health resources for GPs, or our guidance document for self care for registrars. plus a list of external websites is detailed below:

For all members of our community, please contact: