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Claiming payment for attending supervisor PD activities

Supervisors who attend MCCC professional development activities including workshop, webinars, and online modules are entitled to be remunerated for their attendance time, travel mileage and in some cases for time travelled.

The details of the entitlement are covered by MCCC policy ED-025 Supervisor Professional Development. To claim your entitlement, you must complete (in full) form ED-025b Supervisor Professional Development Claim Form and submit claim it to accounts@mccc.com.au

Please ensure you use the claim form version we have linked (version 1.2) as this is compliant with current ATO requirements.  This up-to-date version is also available on the Forms, Policies and Documents page and MEL.

The form submitted is checked against internal attendance records and will generally be paid within 10 working days of MCCC receiving the claim.