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The GP Supervisor as teacher

Protected teaching time in general practice training: The GP Supervisor as teacher – the how, what and why. Tim Clement, MCCC research fellow, presented the following paper at Rural Medicine Australia 2018. The research was funded by the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine, via a competitive Education Research Grant.  Members of the MCCC research…
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Snow rescue

Strong teamwork and GP expertise helped to save the life of a young boy at Falls Creek during the 2017 snow season. MCCC GP Registrar, Dr Lauren Tanzen and MCCC supervisor Dr Skye Delaney worked with local ambulance officer, David Ferris, to save 11 year old Oliver Hopkins (Ollie). Ollie’s heart stopped at 3.00am while…
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More than a snow job – training GP registrars in alpine medicine

MCCC aims to equip GP registrars working in alpine settings with skills drawn from many medical specialties, including general medicine, emergency medicine, anaesthetics, orthopaedics and sports medicine. There’s no business like snow business! Medical treatment in alpine settings can vary markedly from practice in suburban hospitals due to limited resources, extreme weather, remoteness, transport and…
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My time in custodial medicine at Metropolitan Remand Centre

I’m not entirely sure what I expected walking into MRC on my first day in correctional medicine… heavy metal doors slamming behind me, patients in orange jumpsuits shackled, angry violent criminals that I would struggle to examine due to safety concerns or restraints. The nerves of starting in a new job can lead to all…
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