Are you joining GP training in 2017 ? Read about upcoming assessments here

If you are joining our training program you will be asked to complete an initial assessment during the first six weeks of your training term. This is designed to:

  • help you find what you need to know and add topics/skills to your learning planner
  • highlight areas of strength as well as areas that require attention
  • gain a sense if you need additional support
  • meet RACGP and ACRRM training standards.

You will be asked to complete a further assessment in the first eight weeks of your GPT2 term. MCCC asks you to complete this further assessment to:

  • help you identify learning gaps and add to your learning planner
  • give you feedback on how you are performing and progressing through training
  • help identify registrars who may benefit from extra support
  • meet RACGP and ACRRM training standards

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