Encouraging medical education research across MCCC

MCCC GP Training encourages supervisors, medical educators, and registrars to incorporate latest research into clinical practice. We also encourage people to undertake research training, design, conduct, and publish high-quality research.
MCCC is committed to evidence-based education, and supports the professional development of our medical educators, GP supervisors and registrars by

  • conducting events to upskill our medical education workforce about the requirements of the Australian College of Rural & Remote Medicine (ACRRM) and/or the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP),
  • attending and presenting at national GP training and education conferences
  • offering a monthly on-line medical education journal club to encourage and improve research literacy, keep up-to-date with current research, and inform the delivery of the training program
  • offering academic research posts for GP registrars

MCCC expects all clinicians and medical educators to be research literate and able to utilise research findings in their practice.

Our Education Portfolio Manager – Research, Dr Duncan Howard is our ‘research champion’ and oversees development of this portfolio within the medical education team.


In 2017 a ‘research experience’ survey was sent to MCCC’s Medical Educators as part of a Professional Development session that aimed to inform the identification of research mentors, teachers and ‘champions’.

Four research-related themes: the GP as educator and life-long learner; critical thinking; clinical reasoning; and evidence-based medicine are explicitly embedded in every learning program in the curriculum.

Research skills, critical thinking and evidence-based medicine are also addressed as part of the Core Skills 1 and 2 learning programs, delivered at the beginning of GPT/PRRT1 andGPT/PRRT2 . In addition to workshop sessions, MCCC e-Learning (MeL) has a number of modules on research literacy that are used in self-directed pre- and post-workshop activities (e.g. rational investigations, pathology testing interpretation and evidence-based medicine modules).

Join our online Journal Club on Medical Education

MCCC uses its Skype for Business platform to host a monthly journal Club.. If you have an interest in medical education, you are welcome to join this online meeting. Contact Tim Clement for further information and joining details: tim.clement@mccc.com.au

Pictured above: MCCC academic registrars Janie Maxwell and Kate Thornton at GP16 with their poster summarising academic posts. (Image courtesy Dr Janie Maxwell, Nossal Institute for Global Health).