Our Awards

We have two major organisational awards as below:

Community Engagement Awards

Our Community Engagement Awards acknowledge significant contributions made by practices, supervisors and registrars to their local communities, particularly during these unprecedented times.

If you are aware of a practice, supervisor or registrar who has made (or is making) a difference within their community we would like to invite you to complete the nomination form for MCCC’s Community Engagement Awards for consideration by the selection committee.

Registrar Extension Awards

These awards are aimed at rewarding our high-achieving registrars. The award value is up to $2,000 and is awarded to two recipients, bi-annually.

To apply you must:

  • Be a PRRT3 or GPT3 level or beyond
  • Meet specific criteria detailed below and
  • Submit up to 1000 words to support your application.

The submission should explain how the award will be used to extend your learning by offering enhanced care to your patients and/or the community.