Australia’s GP training model – delivering on the ground

Regional Training Organisations (RTOs) train qualified doctors to become general practitioners (GPs). MCCC GP Training is one of two RTOs in Victoria and one of nine operating across Australia.

Equipping GPs with the specialist skills to provide healthcare in metropolitan, regional and rural communities, RTOs have a proven history of training GPs.

Ratings from the most recent 2019 survey indicate registrar satisfaction with our RTO as 91.4% (against national average 85.9%) and satisfaction with supervision 93.4% (against national average of 91.8%).

No other organisation possesses the infrastructure, relationships, processes and capability to deliver this service with the same success:

  • High retention rate of doctors through to fellowship
  • Continued performance in delivering fellowed registrars with significant impact on workforce distribution
  • RTOs are run by the profession, for the profession – practising GPs form the overwhelming percentage of RTO staff
  • Proven, established infrastructure matured and honed over 20 years
  • Established relationships and collaboration with stakeholders across Australia and network of accredited highly-skilled training practices
  • Accredited by both GP colleges to deliver training and education, meeting the standards required by both these colleges and the AMC
  • Cost controlled organisations with an extremely low infrastructure <20% of gross funds.

We believe the current workforce model is a successful, sustainable way forward to continue preparing GPs for life in communities across Australia.

Working with our communities

With a strong focus on the health of communities, we are a key-player in actively addressing the maldistribution of general practitioners (GPs) in regional and rural areas.

Embracing the Rural Generalist intent, we have expanded our workforce to support the goals outlined by Professor Paul Worley in his discussion paper of 2018. This focuses on collaborating with community stakeholder groups whose charter is to raise the profile of rural communities as being desirable places to live and work, as well as partner with university hubs and hospitals to increase the awareness of general practice as a specialty to medical students, interns and HMOs.

Currently, we train 405 Rural Pathway doctors and 78 Rural Generalists, these doctors will spend a year doing advanced skills to ensure they are equipped to work in a rural community.

Our commitment to quality education provides structure, certainty and opportunities to young doctors building their career. Through our training program, they become the highly-qualified, experienced, broadly-skilled GPs of the future.

MCCC is proud to partner with the Victorian Rural Generalist Program to deliver a coordinated approach to the training of Rural Generalists in Victoria. MCCC supports both the ACRRM and RACGP/FARGP curriculum and has had wide variation in Rural Generalist accredited training sites across the regions. By working with trainees to develop an individualised training plan specific to their needs and the community in which they wish to practice, MCCC is able to ensure that the doctors with the right skills are ready to work in the communities that need them.

Dr Angela Stratton B.Med, FACRRM, DRANZCOG (Adv.), Grad Cert Clinical Teaching  |  Medical Educator ACRRM  |   GP Supervisor Mt Beauty Medical Centre  |  Statewide Clinical Lead Victorian Rural Generalist Program