Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health

MCCC Cultural Educators and Cultural Mentor team

Our MCCC Cultural Education team lead our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health program, working closely with Medical Educators across our regions to support the ACCHOs and registrars in training posts.


Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Medical Education Group works in unison with MCCC’s Cultural Educators (CE) and Cultural Mentors (CM) to establish a syllabus for registrars, offer support and guidance to registrars working within posts, develop exam support resources for use by registrars and ensure integration of the Aboriginal Health syllabus to ensure consistency across MCCC and alignment with both College curricula.

Community partnerships

We value our relationships with Aboriginal health organisations and aim to work closely with these partners to develop and deliver meaningful initiatives that improve primary healthcare outcomes for local Aboriginal communities. MCCC continues to prioritise delivery of its strategic plan for Aboriginal health.

MCCC has established partnerships with a number of stakeholders in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health sector, including: Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (VACCHO), Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (ACCHOs) and Aboriginal communities within the training footprint, which include Elders, Cultural Educators and Mentors.

MCCC has its own Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Advisory Committee (AHAC) which provides advice and input to our strategic plan.  The AHAC group includes ACCHO representatives and community and meets quarterly.

Cultural awareness

95% of MCCC administration and executive staff have attended Cultural Awareness training offered across our five locations. This training is also incorporated into registrar workshops. MCCC Medical Educators and Supervisors have been and will continue to be offered opportunities to attend Cultural Safety/Cultural Awareness training.

All Staff/Registrars/Supervisors and Medical Education teams have the opportunity to attend ‘Culcha Camps’. The has proven to be an immensely invaluable cultural learning experience. (See Culcha Camp tab).

Our future priorities

Some of our key priorities for the future include:

  • Increasing the number of GP training posts at Aboriginal Controlled Community Health Organisations in our region
  • Increasing the number of GP training accredited facilities
  • Embedding the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander curriculum into all aspects of GP training.
Remembrance Day tribute 2020

On this Remembrance Day, we acknowledge the profound contribution that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have made through military service for Australia.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people served in large numbers in every conflict since Australia’s Federation in 1901 and some signed up to colonial forces before this.

A strong motivator for many to join up was the promise of fair treatment and equality whilst in the armed forces. To see our tribute in full click here.