About Us – Research

Welcome to MCCC’s Research Space

MCCC is committed to incorporating the principles of evidence-based medicine and evidence-based education in all our education, training and professional development programs.

We also support individuals associated with MCCC to participate in relevant research and evaluation and, where possible, to lead original pertinent and high-quality research. This Research Unit site is to be considered an entry point to research and evaluation at MCCC. It is a resource for all those interested in research and evaluation or those requiring direction and/or support.

Enquiries are welcomed at research@mccc.com.au

Our research team

Our research portfolio team and Research and Evaluation Working Group (REWG) contribute to national and international discourse on a variety of topics, such as vocational training experiences, activities and outcomes;
best practice in medical education and supervision; and specific clinical research.

Our team collaborates with academic institutions to provide mentorship to supervisors, registrars, staff and the wider medical community; encouraging the development of research and evaluation skills.


Research is understood, valued, and encouraged at all levels of the organisation.


MCCC recognises that individual registrars, supervisors, medical educators, and employees have varied interests in research. These interests span a continuum from awareness of research to research leadership (see figure, right).

MCCC expects all clinicians and medical educators to be research literate and able to utilise research findings in their practice.

MCCC fosters, supports and encourages registrars, supervisors, medical educators and MCCC staff to undertake research training, design, conduct, and publish high-quality research.

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