We provide Culcha Camps, led by Mulana Kaalinyafor GP trainees, medical educators, GP supervisors and staff to learn more about Aboriginal culture.

Culcha – Living Our Lore typically includes an over night camp, site-seeing tour and cultural journey with Aboriginal Elders, camp fire yarning and dreamtime storytelling. Plus cultural mentoring and fully immersive experiences such as cooking bush food and art activities.

Mulana Kaalinya

Mulana Kaalinya provides a safe environment for participants to discuss their strengths and challenges, leaving participants feeling empowered and more confident to work with Aboriginal children, young people, Elders, families and communities.

With 27 years experience working in the Aboriginal Justice system in Victoria, Larry from Mulana Kaalinya provides Culcha Camps for a range of groups. These camps also extend to school group, youth in the justice system, men struggling with family violence, and cultural mentoring.

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