Qualities and responsibilities of GP Supervisors in Accredited MCCC Training Posts

Supervision requirements

Meet all MCCC supervision requirements as per RACGP and/or ACRRM Standards. These are detailed in the MCCC document “A Guide for MCCC Training Practices.”

Teaching requirements

Meet all MCCC teaching requirements as per RACGP and/or ACRRM Standards. These are detailed in the GP Supervisor handbook. Also to orientate the registrar to general practice and the clinic, participate in their Initial Assessment and GPT2/PRRT2 Further Assessment and help the registrar develop their Learning Plan.

Reporting responsibilities

Comply with all MCCC registrar and practice reporting requirements in order to facilitate necessary registrar tracking throughout the training program.

CPD requirements

Maintain RACGP or ACRRM CPD requirements and additionally complete MCCC supervisor professional development requirements. Current minimum requirement for MCCC consists of six hours attendance at GP supervisor workshops or another designated activity.

Educational Commitment

Actively engage in opportunities for further medical education and acquisition of teaching skills such as training to become an External Clinical Teacher for registrars in other practices.

Desirable GP Supervisor Qualities

Establish early rapport with your registrar and be available to him/her when required.

Realise the registrar`s level of experience in general practice and be prepared to adopt a counselling or pastoral care role.

Provide a role model for your registrar particularly in terms of professional behaviour.

Expect that learning/teaching will be a reciprocal relationship between you and your registrar and explain this to them.

Provide feedback whenever possible and request your registrar to provide feedback to the post and supervisors on their learning experiences.

Be available to offer advice on career pathways within general practice.