Murray City Country Coast GP Training is committed to delivery of high quality training, regionally responsive training, and improving primary healthcare workforce in rural and remote locations and areas of workforce.

We are working with a range of key partners to ensure appropriate medical education, support and development across our training region.

The Department of Health, via the Australian General Practice Training and the Department of Health, Victoria

Rural Clinical Schools

GP Colleges

We value our relationships with Aboriginal health partners and will work closely with these partners to develop and deliver meaningful initiatives that improve primary healthcare outcomes for local Aboriginal communities.

We recognise the critical role that GP supervisors and training facilities play in GP training and will ensure that our practices and supervisors receive the support they need to train our next generation of GPs.

Flexibility and regionalised input is crucial in future training arrangements.

For this reason, we are actively seeking to further partnerships with new and existing stakeholders to identify local population health and workforce issues, and how we can work together to address them.

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