I am a PGY1. Should I apply to the program now or during my PGY2 year?

It is your choice when to apply.

If you apply in PGY1 you will complete the 12 month hospital component whilst in the AGPT program.

Some applicants wish to have more experience when applying. If you choose to apply in PGY2 or above, you will be assessed for practice readiness before being placed in a General Practice setting. Some of your hospital time may be counted through the RPL process.

Who is responsible for ensuring I have the mandatory hospital terms?

You are responsible for ensuring you have the mandatory hospital terms and securing your own contract.

How can I meet my mandatory paediatric requirements for AGPT?

The RACGP has a number of ways you can meet requirements. Please refer to Paediatric Term Guidance Document.

ACRRM has a number of alternate ways to achieve the requirement if a specific paediatric term has not been undertaken during core clinical training. Please refer to the ACRRM Fellowship Handbook for details.

Can I complete my RACGP Paediatric requirement after I have started in a general practice?

No. As part of RACGP practice readiness you must complete your Paediatric requirement prior to commencing the first general practice term (GPT1).

I want to do the Diploma of Child Health as I don’t have a paediatric rotation. Will this suffice for my paediatric requirement?

RACGP state the Diploma is not sufficient on its own. You must also have some clinical paediatric experience.

Please refer to Paediatric Term Guidance Document.

ACRRM will accept the Diploma of Child Health but also requires that a number of supporting evidence criteria are met. Refer to the ACRRM Fellowship Handbook

I am not an Australian citizen and am currently on a 457 work visa. I read about getting a letter of support from the RTO. How do I go about obtaining it?

MCCC does not accept applications from 457 Visa holders and therefore does not provide a letter of support.

I have heard the term ‘Practice Ready’. Is this the same as Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)?

No, they are not the same.

Practice Readiness is an assessment of your training to date conducted by MCCC to ensure you meet the requirements of either College before commencing in your General Practice term.

RPL is only required if your hospital term was not completed whilst in the AGPT program – ie outside of the program. Please read the College RPL requirements here.

Tip: Ensure you keep all your HMO reports, first and current registration certificate and obtain Statements of Service from each hospital, so you have the information you may require for RPL. For further information refer to MCCC RPL for RACGP Registrars Procedure, MCCC RPL for ACRRM Registrars Procedure on the MCCC website and the associated college policies.

Can MCCC tell me if I am Practice Ready over the phone?


MCCC can provide you with an indication of your practice readiness to help guide your decisions.

Practice readiness is assessed by MCCC through a process that involves a review of hospital statements that provide details of the rotations you have completed. This assessment occurs once have been accepted into the AGPT program and must be completed prior to taking part in a practice match within MCCC. The final decision sits with the Colleges

If I don’t yet meet Practice Ready requirements, can I commence my GP term mid-year after completing the required hospital rotation/s ?

Yes. You may complete a further six month hospital term if you are not practice ready and commence in a mid year intake.

Can I choose to stay in the hospital once selected into the AGPT program, even if I meet Practice Ready requirements?

Yes. You can choose to complete your required hospital year once accepted into the AGPT program.

You will be required to submit HMO reports to demonstrate you are performing at the required level whilst in training. This training time MUST be in Australian hospital in approved teaching posts with adequate supervision throughout the year.

What support is available for MCCC registrars ?

MCCC provides administrative and medical educator support to registrars.

MCCC also employs a team of Registrar Liaison Officers (RLOs) who are important contact points for registrars in each area.

In addition, General Practice Registrars Australia (GPRA) will be available to support registrars.

Can I take leave or defer my AGPT training?

Leave and deferral from the AGPT program is restricted.

There are limited circumstances where a registrar can defer commencement of training. These exceptional circumstances are detailed in the AGPT Program Leave Policy 2017. Read more here

Can I transfer between Training Organisations? For example from EVGPT to MCCC?

There is an expectation that registrars complete their entire AGPT training with their selected RTO.

Transfers may be available only in exceptional and unforeseen circumstances

Transfers will be handled under the national AGPT Transfer Policy. Please refer to the AGPT website for details.

Where is GP training delivered?

Murray City Country Coast GP Training delivers training across a region that encompasses North Western and North Eastern Victoria, the greater Albury region into Southern New South Wales, Central Victoria, South Western Victoria and the Greater Northern and Western metropolitan Melbourne area, which covers approximately 40% of the population base of Melbourne.

MCCC operates from four hubs that align with our communities of interest, with offices in Bendigo, Parkville, Warrnambool and Wodonga.

Will I work at different locations across MCCC during my AGPT training?

MCCC operates across four regions: Metro West, North East, North West, South West.

You will be expected to complete your training within the MCCC region. Movement across MCCC during AGPT training is subject to the availability of suitable training places.

Do I stand a lesser chance of being selected by MCCC if I completed my hospital training outside of Victoria?

AGPT is a national training program. MCCC welcomes your application, regardless of where you completed your hospital training in Australia.

We will conduct interviews with shortlisted application at sites within our region. During interviews we will ask you about your intention to train in our region.

The AGPT handbook states General Pathway registrars can train anywhere within RA1 – RA5. Is that true for MCCC ?

If you are a MCCC General Pathway registrar you will be placed in RA1.

Rural pathway MCCC registrars will be preferentially allocated to placements in RA2-RA5.

If places remain available in the RA2-RA5 areas then General pathway registrars wishing to work in the rural areas of MCCC may be able to apply

If I join the AGPT program with MCCC as a Rural pathway registrar can I change to the General pathway during my training?

No. It is very unlikely that this will occur and only if there are exceptional circumstances. This requires AGPT approval. Please refer to AGPT policy.

When will I be able to sit my GP Fellowship exams?

For RACGP you must complete one year of hospital training (or equivalent RPL) and one year of GP training in order to sit exams.

ACRRM has a flexible system though there are some restrictions. Please visit the website for detailed information.